Dancing Maths

Dancing Maths

Do you want to inject some fun and enery into maths lessons?

By booking our live show and workshop programme for your school, you will hit two of your national curriculum targets - maths and PE, you will inspire your whole school in physical learning AND inject creative energy into the classroom!

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Crazies Hill CE School

'The performances were very well pitched and the children were spellbound. They have continued to enthused about maths ever since, and will remember what they did for years to come....'

Rosehill Special School

Thank-you so much for a wonderful day that kick-started our maths week.. The staff commented on the children's enthusiasm and how it sparked interest in children who usually find maths difficult

Next Steps...

Please contact us now for more information and tell us more about your school and location so that we can advise you on how we could work with you and give you a quote.